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Mail us on hr@javatpoint.com, to get more information about given services. Explanation: "name1" and "name2" refer to the same object, so id(name1) and id(name2) will have the same value. This section focuses on the "Variables And Operators" of the Python programming. 61. All keywords in Python are case sensitive. Show Answer. This tutorial provides brief information on all keywords used in Python. Explanation: Floor Division "//" - The division of operands where the result is the quotient in which the digits after the decimal point are removed. Keywords are the reserved words in Python. 21) Which one of the following has the highest precedence in the expression? 4.All of the above. So, Option A is correct. View Answer. Explanation: All keywords in python are in lowercase except True, False and None. C. a,b,c=1, “python”, 1.5 B. int x=5 We’ve just captured here a snapshot of the possible Python keywords. The in keyword is also used to iterate through a sequence in a for loop: Example. Also it provides explanation for the multiple choice questions. What is Python? Mock Tests and NEET Practice Papers,Learn loops in python,Learn Python MCQs: multiple choice questions and answers ... which keyword we use ? Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and entrance exams. Answer: (a) Parentheses, Exponential, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. Example. Which of the following represents a distinctly identifiable entity in the real world? Questions on Precedence and Associativity, Bitwise & Boolean. Which of the following will give error? Smallest unit/element of python program is called token. Below are€few€Python€MCQ€test that checks your basic knowledge of Python. Python MCQs - Variables And Operators. a) else b) import c) raise d) All of these. These C Quiz Questions cover all the important topics, which plays a major role in interviews and placements. 4.None of the above. 1,22,4,222,4. We use python keyword extractor (PKE) library and extract all the important keywords from the original text. Q1: What is the output of the following code − Q2: Suppose we have two sets A & B, then A
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