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DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He became a struggling comedian at the Last Laugh comedy club, but then witnessed the club's owner being murdered by the vicious Owlman. The Joker of Earth-3 is a hero operating under the alias of the Jokester, and first appeared in Countdown #32 (Sep 2007). Add a photo to this gallery. When Jokester found out he started attacking and was perhaps killed in the crossfire between the The Monitors, the Extremists, and Monarch. Bullied and abused for much of his life, Jack found happiness with the beautiful, loving Evelyn Dent, only to lose her when her split personalities developed. Created by: Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After traveling to Earth-Prime, he does some pretty messed up things, like kills Super Boy and seriously injures Nightwing. 9K Views. The DC Multiverse Wave 3 Modern Comic Joker 7-Inch Action Figure is based on the DC Rebirth comic book, and includes long nose blaster and crowbar. Abilities: Sick of being bullied, Jackie redesigned his act, focusing all his jokes on Owlman. 3. Jokester appears in 10 issues. Now he calls himself Jokester. At the next Earth, The DC Multiverse-8, the Monitor who killed his daughter, Duela Dent, showed up and attacked the group. Rising the ladder of fame quickly helped Owlman seek out the man who’s been poking fun at him and his teen sidekick Talon. Earth-3. Duela Dent is the Daughter of Jackie and Eve, but was mostly raised by the Riddler and Three-Face. RELATED: 5 Reasons Why DC Could Attempt A Big Screen 3 Jokers (& 5 Why That Seems Unlikely) . The best hero. Countdown #32 Johnny Quick He is a member of the Crime Syndicate, a team of supervillains paralleling the Justice League. None. Said to be the birthplace of evil; rather than "right" and "wrong", the ruthless nations of Earth 3 cared only for strength above all, the weak deserving only annihilation. any Comic Vine content. The-Batcave. He became a struggling comedian at the Last Laughcomedy club, but then witnessed the club's owner being murdered by the vicious Owlman. Comic Vine users. When the Ray Palmer search party came through The DC Multiverse-3, Jokester helped save the team from the Crime Society. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Press Release. Real name: DC by Kaiserf11. The death of the Jokester came much too soon. Since the Batman of Earth-3 was the villainous Owlman, this Joker swore revenge against evil, the opposite reaction for most of his parallel earth counterparts. https://batman.fandom.com/wiki/The_Jokester_(Earth-3)?oldid=217338, Another version of Jokester called "Jester" appears in. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. DC by Cswizz. Owlman is the archenemy of the Jokester, much like Batman is with the Joker. Alternate versions: see Joker (Disambiguation) Add a photo to this gallery General Information The Jokester First Appearance: And although there are laws and police, these usually on… Last edited by kcomics; 07-11-2017 at 05:14 AM . You can search for In Countdown it is revealed she is from Earth-3 and is the daughter of the Jokester and Evelyn Dent. 25 Comments. While he has no specific superhuman abilities, he is known to hold his own in combat with superhuman adversaries long enough to escape. Simply put, he was despised and everyone wanted to make his life miserable. She was very sweet and Jackie always made her laugh. Primarily written by James Tynion IV, the arc is his first major arc on Batman in DC Rebirth.The main story was from Batman (vol. On many Earths one man's sanity is broken by the suffering he had endured and he comes out as a villain called the Joker. By BobbenKatzen Watch. We don’t know where he came from exactly or why he is so deranged, but he has forever tarnished the reputation of our great city with his foul presence. 38. Superhero-club. Aided by manager Harley Quinn, he became a kind of … The Jokester is enraged by the fact that she’s gallivant with their enemy. The Joker is, without a doubt, Batman'sdeadliest foe. For Earth-3, that day finally arrived as the entire world was eliminated by an even larger instrument of devastation—the Anti-Monitor. It comes packaged in a window box and includes a trading card and display stand. He would have a daughter with Three-Face, true identity Evelyn Dent. It was here that he was shown to have had a trained monkey named Harley, who Lex sadly informs of The Jester's death. The Jester died in the explosion but he took the White Martian and Hawkgirl with him, not to mention a large portion of the Crime Syndicate's building. In the movie Justice League: Crisis on two Earths the Jokester undergoes several changes. Hair: Purple (originally black, although later dyed light brown as part of his comedic act). He was a lovable hero with problems in other universes thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a certain Joker. "Jester" in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. So it is a new Earth-3, but don't expect to see a vast departure from what makes the Syndicate cool and interesting. The Jester also displays some impressive acrobats in the film. Unusual Features: Mouth was slit open wide and back into a distorted grin format (though he can still grimace and frown with the distortion to his face); small flower tattoo on neck area. Sick of being bullied, Jackie redesigned his act, focusing all his jokes on Owlman. Featured in groups See All. (9 reviews) A paranoid titan (Ultraman), a narcissist (Super Woman), a nihilist (Owlman), a broken moral compass (Power Ring/Emerald Knight), a sociopath (Johnny Quick) and a sadist (Atomica). There is an infinite amount of universes in the multiverse where every possible scenario is played out. Despite his short time on film the Jester is able to pull out a few tricks. D&D Beyond Remarkable speed and agility. DC Comics has finally revealed a release date for the long-awaited graphic novel Batman: Earth One Vol. Through the years, she has assumed many aliases, with most of them indicating her "true" parentage. Created in the wake of Infinite Crisis and 52, Earth-3 is home to evil counterparts of the newly recreated Earth-2's Justice Society: the Crime Society. send you an email once approved. JOKESTER OF EARTH-3 (Jackie) BIOGRAPHY: Created by Paul Dini, Sean McKeever, Keith Giffen, and Manuel Garcia: Jokester of Earth-3. Language: English After only six appearances his life was ended and thus living his fans in pain. His mouth doesn't appear to be disfigured either. DC Comics by otusasio451. At the movie's beginning he is seen with the good Lex Luthor trying to steal the "Quantum Trigger" from the Crime Syndicate. Then as if an omen Owlman flew through the window of the comedy club. Native of Earth-3, Hex is the evil doppelganger of Jinny Hex. 2 #23.4 (November 2013) Creators: Geoff Johns; Sterling Gates; Szymon Kudranski DC'S CRIME SYNDICATE RETURNS! 3) #95–100, while 16 other issues were tie-ins. He is the son of Lex Luthor and Louis Lane from Earth-3 and is actually the sole survivor. . Character Sheet Character Art Earth 3 Superman Batman Comic Art Comic Books Joker Card Superhero Design. Jackie was constantly bullied at school, even when he came home his was beaten by his father. Owlman's retribution, however, was deadly. The Riddler had created a family for himself made up of Three-Face and Duela Dent, but once the Jokester came along that seemed to fall apart. Talon decided to try to capture the Joker, to show his superiority to Owlman. This hopelessly corrupted world was thus ruled by the sadistic, unstoppable Crime Syndicate, twisted counterparts to the Justice League. He challenged Owlman's authority through criminal acts against him and the corrupt city police. "Jackie" The Jokester (Earth-3) - Countdown to Crisis Issue comics. Following the career path Eve said he’d be good at, Jackie become a comedian. To give Luthor a chance to escape the Jester stays behind to hold off the White Martian and hid henchwoman, an altenate version of Hawkgirl. Alexander Luthor is a pretty bad guy. . Joker is a new ongoing monthly series from Batman writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillem, with the first issue getting released on March 9.. Jason Todd, both the Red Hood and the Batman from Earth-15, showed obvious hostilities towards him but Kyle Rayner helped to cool their rage. Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society, Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists. Discover (and save!) After a long career of fighting and resisting the original Owlman and Talon (and later taking on the new Owlman), Jokester found his place with The Riddler Family discovering his former wife Eve and daughter Duela Dent. The Joker was forcefully dropped into the pit by Owlman. References ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 " Pilot " ↑ 2.0 2.1 " Slick " ↑ " Feat of Clay " ↑ " Three Birds and a Baby " Other versions of Joker (Earth-203) To see other versions of this location, click the Earth name below for that Earth's counterpart of Joker. But, that great coincidence is the fact that while the Joker killed Jason Todd, the Jokester gave his live to safe him along with Donna Troy, Green Lantern and Bob the Monitor. Countdown to Final Crisis #32 - Girls Gone Wild, Countdown to Final Crisis #29 - Another Country Heard From. Owlman became his comedic shtick. Jokester became a hero on Earth-3 who sought to stop Owlman. Whatever sanity he'd possessed vanished in that moment as he became the Jokester, dedicating his life to ruining and humiliating Owlman and his sidekick Talon. Jester is attacked and soon defeated, Harkgirl stabbing him through the stomach with her sword. Portrayed by: Bullied and abused for much of his life, Jack found happiness with the beautiful, loving Evelyn Dent, only to lose her when her split personalities developed. He shows equipment like an acid-spitting scepters and explosives dangerous enough to destroy super villains. When the team was going to teleport to their next Earth he jumped on and was brought along to The DC Multiverse-15. Spinning out of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the DC Multiverse is reborn, and with it a new Earth-3! Dying, and with only"one more joke" left, he pulls out a small bomb. You Might Like . Young-Justice-Fans. But, that all changed when he met a pretty, blond named Eve. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But on Earth-3 that same man's sanity is bent but not broken, and he emerges a hero known as the Jokester.

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