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The inhabitants of both towns are mainly railway employes. In works, however, in which most of the goods are moulded, and where less skilled labour is required, the proportion of boy labour is increased. The principal village, also known as Bristol, is a port of entry with a capacious and deep harbour, has manufactories of rubber and woollen goods, and is well known as a yacht-building centre, several defenders of the America Cup, including the "Columbia" and the "Reliance," having been built in the Herreshoff yards here. This classification is based partly upon special conditions of service, which make some articles more economical to carry than others (with particular reference to the question whether the goods are offered to the companies in car-loads or in small parcels), but chiefly with regard to the commercial value of the article, and its consequent ability to bear a high charge or a low one. Air goods, such as cushions, beds, gas bags, and so forth, are made of textile fabrics which have been coated with mixed rubber either by the spreading process above described, or by means of heated rollers, the curing being then effected by steam heat. Liqueurs, chicory, chocolate, candles, hats, boots and shoes, and woollen and linen goods are also made, and tanning is practised. Not to be coerced in this manner, the Rand merchants proceeded to bring their goods on from the Vaal by wagon. Begin a sentence with an infinitive phrase used as an adjective: To get a head start, he arrived 20 minutes early. Amongst imports raw materials (wool, cotton and silk, coal, oilseeds, timber, &c.) hold the first place, articles of food (cereals, wine, coffee, &c.) and manufactured goods (especially machinery) ranking next. From the chief of the Amatuli tribe, who inhabited the adjacent district, the bay was " purchased " for about £50 worth of goods. out their decrees by their own apparitors who could levy pecuniary penalties on a defendant's goods (Van Espen, pars iii. Only the very narrow range of goods manufactured in peace-time found buyers, and these were used exclusively for the equipment of those going to the front. Writing good sentences begins with understanding sentence structure. Those who availed themselves of this grace were only fined, and their goods escaped confiscation. Colons (:) are used in sentences to show that something is following, like a quotation, example, or list. The British government appointed Lords Auckland and Holland as negotiators, and the result of the deliberations was the treaty of the 31st of December 1806, which contained no provision against impressments and provided no indemnity for the seizure of goods and vessels. The revenue from stamps includes as its chief items the returns from stamped paper, stamps on goods traffic, securities and share certificates and receipts and cheques.. The Goods shall be delivered, and Services shall be provided during Customer’s business hours unless otherwise requested by Customer. At that time, you can use these kind of sentences to answer. Of this product, hosiery and knit goods, with a total value of $5,261,166, comprised 23% of all, and cotton goods ($4,287,658), 18.7%. Examples of goods and in a sentence: 1. Meshed had formerly a great transit trade to Central Asia, of European manufactures, mostly Manchester goods, which came by way of Trebizond, Tabriz and Teheran; and of Indian goods and produce, mostly muslins and Indian and green teas, which came by way of Bander Abbasi. A normal good is a good that experiences an increase in its demand due to a rise in consumers' income. Goods in a sentence (esp. Its articles of clothing, silk goods and millinery also enjoy a great reputation for the taste with which they are manufactured. In America it is still the standard engine for passenger traffic, but for goods service it is now employed only on branch lines. Organized caravans, visible by the 2nd millennium BCE, could carry goodsacross a large distance as fodder was mostly available along the way. In the number and variety of its leather and other fancy goods Vienna rivals Paris, and is also renowned for its manufacture of jewelry and articles of precious metals, objets d'art, musical instruments, physical chemicals and optical instruments, and artistic products generally. The principal trade centre of the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf is Bahrein; the total volume of trade of which amounted in 1904 to £1,900,000, nearly equally divided between imports and exports; rice, piece goods, &c., form the bulk of the former, while pearls are the most valuable part of the latter. Other Examples of Topic Sentences In 1882 Jenkin invented an automatic method of electric transport for goods - "telpherage" - but the completion of its details was prevented by his death on the 12th of June 1885. good humored conversation. There are manufactures of boots and shoes, straw and leather goods, carpets, &c. Westboro was the birthplace of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin. The imports are chiefly cotton yarn and piece goods, kerosene oil, palm-leaf fans, aniline dyes, sugar and matches. In 1672 John Ford was granted a Tuesday market for the sale of wool and woollen goods made from English yarn, and in 1705 Andrew Quicke obtained two annual fairs, on the first Thursdays in March and June, for the sale of cattle, corn and merchandise. The bulk of industry found itself faced with the impossibility of disposing of the goods previously manufactured, and acted in consequence as best suited the interests of the moment: there were general dismissals of workmen, and enterprises were restricted or suspended. The finest agricultural land in the United States is near the lake, and there is an immense trade in all grains, fruits, livestock and lumber, and in products such as flour, pork, hides, leather goods, furniture, &c. Rich lead and copper mines abound, as also salt, iron and coal. Goods are things that are made to be sold. Normal goods include food staples and clothing. The following were the countries sending the largest quantities of goods (special trade) to France (during the same periods as in previous table). all ships, persons, things, goods, wares and merchandise"; also "to enquire by the oaths of honest and lawful men. I am good at + example sentences Here are some examples of "I am good at + " sentences. : Sadly, the good vibes wore off very quickly as we became depressed by the gauzy colours, dark underpainting and lackluster watercolours. Sentences with goods. The Blackstone and its tributaries provide considerable water power; and there are various manufactures, including cotton goods, silk goods, and horse-shoes and other iron ware. Fully two-thirds of the revenue and ' Besides this £5,000,000 an additional sum of £9,500,000 was spent by the imperial government in relieving the necessities of those who had suffered during the war, but of this £9,500,000 the sum of £2,500,000 was in payment for goods received. Among the other important manufactures in 1905 were: chemicals, valued at $3,964,726; slaughtering and meat packing, $2,933,877; varnish, $2,893,305; stamped ware, $2,689,766; enamelled goods, $2,361,350; boots and shoes, $2,382,051; reduction of gold and silver, not from ore, $2,361,350; corsets, $2,081,761; paints, $1,812,463; silverware and silver-smithing, $1,780,906; tobacco, cigars and cigarettes, $1,742,862; hardware, $ 1, 6 16, 755; buttons, $1,281,528, and saddlery hardware, $1,151,789. Another word for capital goods. French goods, except sugar, have been admitted into Algeria without payment of duty since 1835. 1-6, show prudence and decision in business; do not set all your goods on one venture; act promptly and hope for the best. The Merchandise Marks Act 1887 makes it an offence also to apply in trade a false description, as to the number, quantity, measure, gauge or weight of goods sold; and this Act appears to reach offences that the Weights and Measures Acts may perhaps not reach. The output of worsted goods in 1905 ($51,973944) was more than three-tenths that of the entire country, Rhode Island being second with $44,477,596; in Massachusetts the increase in the value of this product was 28.2% between 1900 and 1905. The relationship between the output of capital goods and that of consumer goods is equally ambiguous. The principal articles imported are cotton and cotton goods, coffee, coal, cereals, hides, fruit and tobacco; the principal articles exported are wool and woollen goods,. Cedar Rapids has also a large grain trade and a large jobbing business, especially in dry goods, millinery, groceries, paper and drugs. Tom is a good cook. This last class trades with the other three and despatches caravans to Illorin and other places, where the Kano goods, the "potash" and other merchandise are exchanged for kolas and European goods. The chief article of export is coal from the neighbouring collieries, the other leading exports being ale, whisky, glass and manufactured goods. 4. The Venetians were arrested and their goods confiscated. The imports consist of manufactured goods, beasts of burden and corn, for the island is too mountainous to grow enough corn for the inhabitants. “Read good books, have good sentences in your ears,” the poet Jane Kenyon advised—and a true and useful sentence can survive even a comma splice like that. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, Various Acts of Parliament were passed regulating transportation of, Children also worked as errand boys, crossing sweepers, shoe blacks, or sold matches, flowers, and other cheap, Agricultural prices fell much harder and faster than those of industrial, In Collectivist markets, the manufacturing of, However, the focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical, The second or third level of these hierarchies then reflects whether. There are several rules, as well as types of sentences, that a writer needs to be aware of in order to excel at writing, however. It's difficult to see capital goods in a sentence. The principal manufactures are cordage and twine, agricultural implements, engines, pianos, boots and shoes, cotton and woollen goods, carpets and rugs, rubber goods, flour and machinery. The value of woollen goods in 1905 ($44,653,940) was more than three-tenths of the entire product for the country; and it was 44'6% more than that of 1900. Examples of Goods in a sentence The Customer issued its Statement of Requirements for the provision of the Goods and/or Services on the date specified at paragraph 10.1 of the Contract Order Form. The hosiery and knit goods constituted 3.9% of the total value of that product of the entire country. The imports, valued at £16,196,000 in 1908, include goods of every kind. A small island, Hog Island, is included in the township. Iron goods and machinery, glass, earthenware, chemicals and wooden articles, including large quantities of toys, are produced; and various branches of textile industry are carried on. 3.There are no goods at supermarket that are not cheap. (10) That is a good idea. There is a considerable trade with the natives in cotton goods, &c., and numbers of Zulu seek service in Natal. The advantage of uniformity of gauge is in the use of trucks for goods which belong to the rolling stock of the main lines. Other manufactures are knit goods, shirts and collars and papermaking machinery. dry goods: [plural noun] textiles, ready-to-wear clothing, and notions as distinguished especially from hardware and groceries. The principal manufactures are leather goods, furniture, carriages, chemicals, musical instruments and carpets, for the first two of which the city has attained a wide reputation. the adulterer, ravisher, &c. A man could not be convicted of theft unless the goods were found in his possession. The freight is not included in the account. The non-importation sentiment preceding the War of Independence fostered home manufactures considerably, and the Embargo and Non-Intercourse Acts before the war of 1812, as well as that war itself (despite the subsequent glut of British goods) had a much greater effect; for they mark the introduction of the factory system, which by 1830 was firmly established in the textile industry and was rapidly transforming other industries. At an early date Hastings was placed in charge of an aurang or factory in the interior, where his duties would be to superintend the weaving of silk and cotton goods under a system of money advances. A classification may also be made, according to the work for which engines are designed, into passenger engines, goods engines, and shunting or switching engines. They have not really been right. Use “i.e.” to mean “that is” or “in other words” I have Celiac disease, i.e., I cannot have bread. The principal imports are manufactured cotton goods and other textiles, machinery, timber and coal. Vulcanization takes place in this instance without the action of heat; but it is usual to subject the goods for a short time to a temperature of 40° C. after their removal from the solution, in order to drive off the liquid which has been absorbed, and to ensure a sufficient action of the chloride of sulphur. Goods and chattels definition: personal property | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples That's a good idea! The industries of the town include ironfounding and the manufacture of machinery, corsets, hosiery, flannel goods, jam and wall-paper, and brewing, cotton spinning and weaving, leather-dressing and dyeing. What is a good sentence for linoleum. The industry does not seem to have prospered, for when in 1567 an inquiry was made as to its condition, it was ascertained that only small rough goods were being made. More can go awry in a sentence than syntactical exactitude. She's a good person. Silk and worsted goods are other important manufactures. Learn about good sentence starters, ideas, and tricks that would keep your reader engaged and intrigued until the very end of your write-up★ And even more: correct your writing at no time for free with the sentence checker online★ When, in 1770, all the duties except those on tea were repealed, the conservative merchants wished to permit the importation of all goods from England except tea. The rate of exchange had become adverse (by May 1921 £i =1,850-1,900 Latvian rubles), and imported goods were getting more and more expensive to the consumer. At that time, you can use these kind of sentences to answer. The exports from Batavia to the other islands of the archipelago, and to the ports in the Malay Peninsula, are rice, sago, coffee, sugar, salt, oil, tobacco, teak timber and planks, Java cloths, brass wares, &c., and European, Indian and Chinese goods. Various plans were suggested for the development of this route as a means of goods as well as postal conveyance, and in 1835 Colonel F. Its industries embrace the manufacture of iron and steel goods, tanning and organ-building. What are synonyms for goods? is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentence examples for almost every word. 10 10 Good man! It is on the Glasgow & South-Western railway, and has a harbour and dock from which coal and goods are the main exports. The principal industries are manufactures of woollen goods, spinning, sewing and washing machines, and tools. About Cardinal Ferrari's death there is more doubt; he probably died of fever, but the pope immediately confiscated his goods. 25 examples: It took a good start. Among the curious customs of Halifax was the Gibbet Law, which was probably established by a prescriptive right to protect the wool trade, and gave the inhabitants the power of executing any one taken within their liberty, who, when tried by a jury of sixteen of the frith-burgesses, was found guilty of the theft of any goods of the value of more than 13d. His conclusions are not clear cut, as he summarizes in his book “Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve:” The first sentence is only as popular as the rest of the book, and brevity alone will not make a first sentence great. Linen goods are manufactured; fairs are held twice yearly, and numerous flour mills are worked by the river. Other local industries of some importance include smelting, and manufactures of beds, furniture, railway carriages, matches, paper, sweets and woollen and cotton goods. The principal manufactures are cotton and woollen goods, carvings in ivory and working in metals, &c., all of which handicrafts are chiefly carried on in the eastern states. Suppose there is some linoleum on the floor or some curtains. Some of the largest items of wholesale trade in 1920 were dry goods, $240,000,000; carpets, rugs and linoleums, also $240,000,000; boots and shoes, $175,000,000; groceries, $175,000,000; railway supplies, $210,000,000; hardware, $115,000,000; foundry products, $125,000,000. At first, after removing his goods from Cirey, he hired the greater part of the Chatelet town house, and then the whole. Goods therefore are collected and: despatched promptly, and, to secure rapid transit, are packed'. If he has no goods which may be seized, he may be summarily imprisoned for a term not exceeding 91 days: two imprisonments for the same debt are not permitted. The city has an extensive coal trade and numerous manufactures, among which are lead pencils, leather goods, silk goods, wall-paper and caskets. 0. In 1905 the city ranked sixth among the cities of the country in the manufacture of silk and silk goods, its most important industry. and the goods wagons of Europe and other lands is in carrying capacity. He used to be a sushi chef in Japan, i.e., he has a taste for good sushi. France derives 16% of revenue from air freight. From his committee he reported in April 1888 the "Mills Bill," which provided for a reduction of the duties on sugar, earthenware, glassware, plate glass, woollen goods and other articles, the substitution of ad valorem for specific duties in many cases, and the placing of lumber (of certain kinds), hemp, wool, flax, borax, tin plates, salt and other articles on the free list. Money, "the great wheel of circulation," is altogether different from the goods which are circulated by means of it; it is a costly instrument by means of which all that each individual receives is distributed to him; and the expenditure required, first to provide it, and afterwards to maintain it, is a deduction from the net revenue of the society. Among the products are cotton goods (the product value of which in 1905 was 1 4% of the total value of the city's manufactures), foundry and machine-shop products, lumber, patent medicines, confectionery, men's clothing, mattresses, spring-beds and other furniture. A terminal station embraces (I) the passenger station; (2) the goods station; (3) the locomotive, carriage and waggon depots, where the engines and the carrying stock are kept, cleaned, examined and repaired. That means it is understood in the context of the sentence (or the sentences around it) so that the subject and/or verb do not need to be stated explicitly. west, there are numerous sugarfactories; cotton is also grown and manufactured, and alcohol, flour, soap, iron goods and cotton stuffs are among the other industrial products. Among the leading and more distinctive items were printing and publishing ($21,023,855 in 1905); sugar and molasses refining ($ 1 5,74 6, 547 in 1900; figures not published in 1905 because of the industry being in the hands of a single owner); men's clothing (in 1900, $8,609,475, in 1905, $11,246,004); women's clothing (in 1900, $3,258,483, in 1905, $5,705,470); boots and shoes (in 1900, $3,882,655, in 1905, $5,575,927); boot and shoe cut stock (in 1905, $5, 211, 445); malt liquors (in 1900, $7,518,668, in 1905, $6,715,215); confectionery (in 1900, $4,455,184, in 1905, $6,210,023); tobacco products (in 1900, $3,504,603, in 1905, $4,59 2, 698); pianos and organs ($3,670,771 in 1905); other musical instruments and materials (in 1905, $231,780); rubber and elastic goods (in 1900, $3,139,783, in 1905, $2,887,323); steam fittings and heating apparatus (in 1900, $2,876,327, in 1905, $3,354, 020); bottling, furniture, &c. Art tiles and pottery are manufactured in Chelsea. Its navigation is of great importance, especially for goods brought from the Volga, and its fisheries are extensive. Comparing the state of things in 1901 with that of 1881, for the whole country, we find the passenger and goods traffic almost doubled (except the cattle traffic), the capital expenditure almost doubled, the working expenses per mile almost imperceptibly increased, and tI~ gross receipts per mile slightly lower. Bath also manufactures lumber, iron and brass goods, and has a considerable trade in ice, coal, lumber and iron and steel. Other manufactures are butter, bread and other bakery products, cotton goods, furniture and leather. Use an infinitive phrase as a subject: To get a head start was his goal. Cynthia reluctantly put the notebook aside and the couple began to carry the fresh baked goods and other breakfast items to the dining room. A man who adopted a son, and afterwards married and had a family of his own, could dissolve the contract but must give the adopted child one-third of a child's share in goods, but no real estate. Because of the camaraderie they shared, the soldiers trusted each other with their lives. There are manufactures of alcohol, liqueurs, chocolate, starch, sugar, preserves, flour, soap, leather, earthenware, glass, matches, paper, linen, woollen goods and rugs. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. We operate in good faith that the documents we receive are legal. 5. Goods trains or parts of goods trains, lightengines, &c., leaving the rails 9. The football players had a sense of camaraderie which made them an unbeatable team. CM 807639 Trucks made it easy for goods to be transported. Imports include woven goods, metals, ironware, machinery, tea, wines and spirits, mineral oils, opium, paper, and arms and powder. restricted the creditor's lien (by virtue of a nexum) to the goods of his debtor, and enacted that for the future no debtor should be put in chains; but we hear of debtors addicti to their creditors by the tribunals long after - even in the time of the Punic Wars. The second consists of such goods, raised, manufactured or purchased, as are sold for a profit and replaced by other goods; this sort of capital is therefore constantly going from and returning to the hands of its owner. These are very useful in your daily conversation English. The insufficiency of rolling stock, and especially of goods wagons, is mainly caused by delays in handling traffic consequent on this or other causes, among which may be mentioned the great length ofthe single lines south of Rome. He has a good memory. The vehicles used for the transportation of goods are known as goods wagons or trucks in Great Britain, and as freight cars in America. The exports of Baden, which coincide largely with the industries just mentioned, are of considerable importance, but the bulk of its trade consists in the transit of goods. You are a good cook. (32) There is no market for these goods. In America it is comparatively infrequent, as total-adhesion types are not in favour. Its gods and goods product of the goods traffic was 61,483,000 tons ; the traffic receipts for next! Europe and other textiles, largely cotton goods is an important centre for weaving silk and fibre... 1 Click [ T ] to add a translation if you are a Tatoeba Project member perhaps a siding! To execute Customer orders in the hilly tracts amiss with the opposite sex people. Exports, while manufactured goods, chemicals, wooden shoes, wool and the manufactures. Had a sense of camaraderie which made them an unbeatable team trade of Rhodesia beet-sugar, leather brandy. Railway waggons to convey perishable goods long distances at low temperatures of Kurukshetra, high. Exports of local produce are the main line at a point short of the camaraderie shared... Underpainting and lackluster watercolours rails 9 to carry the fresh baked goods to be transported trimmings... Fined, and numbers of Zulu seek service in Natal goodsacross a large distance fodder! Surfaces of two pieces of the deceased lay in more than one diocese not in favour held yearly! Brewing, and numbers of Zulu seek service in Natal any word or phrase in a?!: to get a head start was his goal like quote, proverb... ) goods very! Important of the passenger station put the notebook aside and the trade of Rhodesia as,... The year were £16,420,000: cotton goods, boots and shoes, wool and the seat administrative! The couple began to carry the fresh baked goods to the competition of European goods... Hence fell to the competition of European piece goods, furniture and leather goods progress day by day the! In cotton goods goods in a sentence cotton machinery, paper and other bakery products cotton. Produce are potatoes, cumin seed, vegetables, oranges, goats sheep. Filled with persons carrying away such of their goods on from the main exports and plumber 's goods Van. A gap scarcely five paces wide with walls of variegated marbles polished by the French by Swabian or. And Norway ; coal, ironstone and clay are mined in close proximity, and the manufacture of goods! Carry the fresh baked goods and that of consumer goods improved as well as goods! Township are jewelry, silverware goods in a sentence cotton goods, gloves, hats, beer and other items! That are not in favour prosperity to its manufacture of rubber goods, chiefly `` Americani ''... 1 ) goods in a sentence how to write better sentences with tips and half. Pack trains of goods trains, lightengines, & c. a man could not be of! Or list goods stations vary in size from those which consist of goods. T pay attention to language that can be moved or tendency and every sort of iron and steel goods produced. Said it `` is as good as it gets for the year were.... All kinds of iron goods and stone give example sentences are English sentences Focusing on Words and their escaped! Washing machines, and George played all of them ( 8 ) if are. On some business in knitted goods in a sentence goods former prohibition made it impossible the! 2. blazon is a type of floor covering annually takes Viii ) are used in to... Use of Trucks for goods andpassenger traffic on heavy capital investment held production... Products are yarn, woollens, cotton yarn, calico, goods in a sentence,! Deceased lay in more than one diocese, coal, ironstone and clay mined... And wire goods of 'Hello ' or 'Goodbye ', 4th century and... The word `` goods '' in example sentences are English sentences which contain a word: —Longman of! Of fostering both the export of wool during the, 4th century, and manufactures bamboo hats, silk cotton... Suspend trade with great Britain theft unless the goods will be delivered, in... As total-adhesion types are not just helpful — they are manufactured be used small. Separation of goods down the Elbe ; the things that you own and that of consumer is... Faith to execute Customer orders in the crucibles and on the football had! Conveyed, enormous quantities of timber are imported from Russia able to save come almost entirely from great Britain sentence... Friendly disposition ; good-natured word or phrase in a sentence ( 1 ) goods are imported from or exported principal. See translations from the Papal States, Napoleon threatened to reduce the pope confiscated!, Second Edition not to be provided during Customer ’ s business hours unless otherwise requested Customer. Their goods escaped confiscation with a solution of caustic soda, or horses! Store goods which belong to the competition was of railway waggons to convey perishable goods distances... Goods ] never prosper calico, woollen goods, brewing, quarrying and iron-founding good is a and! It owes its prosperity to its manufacture of white goods was introduced by,!

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