orvis superfine glass vs redington butterstick

Last edited by CrustyBugger on 20 Jan 2017, 16:09, edited 1 time in total. It will allow for a softer casting stroke, which will allow for more control at shorter distances and slower speeds, which will allow for softer presentations but still doesn't really factor into accuracy and even with the slightest wind could seriously be a detriment to accuracy. I'm wanting to get a good 5wt fly rod in fiberglass and have narrowed it down to either the Orvis or Redington. Great 8wt glass rod! Accuracy is bolstered by rods with less side to side motion (more unidirectional material) and quicker recovery. I went with an echo glass 3 wt set up through reds fly shop. I've found reddington butterstick, orvis superfine glass, and echos glass rods all to be put onto a pedestal. Modern glass is mostly unidirectional, but still doesn't recovery nearly as quickly as similarly priced graphite rods. Thoughts on weight and size? i don't know if that helped much, but i like it when people lay things out for me when i'm over thinking stuff, and i thought it might be helpful for you. might be worth it to get one or two in different sizes while they are on sale. A new category for this year in the Best Gear Awards was "Best Fiberglass Rod". I am always one for moving on to the next rod but I am finding no fault with the Orvis Glass. Glass is more difficult to cast in the wind and provides more of a challenge when casting larger flies. It's coming down to butterstick and echo glass for myself. While it's possible to bring a 20 inch bruiser to hand with a 1 wt fiberglass rod, it isn't ethical to do so unless you're having it for dinner. It's cheaper, has a better warranty, and casts just as good as my superfine. My personal recommendation is to get the Cabela's CGR, in a 7' 2 wt, and a Battenkill or Reddington Click reel with the Superfine 2 wt line. Last week Fly Fisherman posted their Best Gear Awards online with the 2014 Gear Guide issue to hit newsstands on November 19th. Proudly made in Manchester, VT. The rod itself is sexy too. We wish all rod makers were this adventurous, and particularly when it comes to styling. I would agree with you when it comes to medium streams and up. My go to rod right now is the 8' 6wt. I can't try any before I buy because of my location. $249.99 to $279.99. $429.00 New. if they were any longer it would be to flimsy to throw the fly line. I’ve beat the heck out of it too. I've found reddington butterstick, orvis superfine glass, and echos glass rods all to be put onto a pedestal. This new glass rod proved itself on the Tilton with a solid day of dry fly work. Both are considered “progressive” in that they’re a little bit faster in the mid section with a nice soft tip section. If you’ve read our review of the Vapen, then you know about what I like to call “The New Redington”. As far as line, Orvis makes a "superfine" series of lines, weight forward, but made for the lighter rods in their superfine series including the glass ones. I really like pairing glass with click and pawl reels, I'd see if you can find a vintage Pflueger Medalist if you don't mind going used. The perfect length at 7'6" for tight casting, and with unsanded S-2 fiberglass blanks, uplocking cork and silver reel seats, and hard chrome Litewire stripping guides the Superfine Glass 3-wt looks as good as it performs. Glass fly rods are historic and provide a feel that is difficult to match with any newer rod technology. Re: Glass vs plastic A graphite Sage Circa is a slow action fly rod made for those that prefer that type of action. The colors Redington chose really hit the nail on the head. So I'm still beating my head against my phone, sifting through articles and reviews on glass rods. The 3wt or … I can shoot a WF8 around 60-75ft with a small bass bug or redfish fly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Like said before, I would cast them both. I would argue that in smaller streams, using a 2/3 weight to catch larger fish doesn't necessitate an unethical catch considering that you pull these fish a shorter distance and fight them quickly. Brand: Redington. fiberglass is cool but they are a lot different, you really have to slow down your casting stroke. Built using T-Glass construction on our Heritage Taper, the BUTTER STICK is a slow action glass rod that will delicately present a fly even in the tightest of places. However, we're all different. Redington Butterstick vs Orvis Superfine Glass? It’s 8’ 6” and comes with double wells grip and small fighting butt. I was worried it would be too heavy but for a glass rod it’s really not bad. This is a subreddit for anglers who pursue, or wish to pursue, their favorite fish on fly rods. Superfine Glass: Sirrus Glass: Finesse Glass: Heirloom: Lotic: Your Account: Gift Certificates: 508-977-0700: e-Mail Us: Fiberglass Fly Rods: Scott F Series: Redington Butterstick II: Echo River GLASS: Echo Bad Ass GLASS Quickshot: Orvis Superfine Glass : Hardy Sirrus Glass : TFO Finesse Glass : This award was given to the soon to be released See why seasoned anglers turn to our Superfine line, representing a new standard in fiberglass rods. Other I do mostly still water fishing with streamers and the occasional dry, roll casting ability is also paramount for where I fish. That way you can see if fiberglass fits your style without spending a ton on the rod, and the rest of the gear can transfer to a nicer rod if you decide to stick with glass. That said, if you want to build a trout arsenal, get the 3wt. Orvis Superfine Touch to other brands. As soon as you step off of 5 wt the difference in streams will be dramatic and pleasurable. After casting Redington, Echo, Hardy, and Orvis Glass in my local fly shop my money went for the Echo. honestly all of those rods you mentioned are highly regarded so just get which ever one you can for the best deal or whichever appeals to you most and i'm sure you will be happy with it. And I'd like to drift a nymph if all else fails. It's priced between 20-50% higher than the new Fenwick, the Echo and the Redington Butterstick, which I presume are its peer rods. However I'm thinking if I get a 3 wt glass that might be a huge drop, plus it would be 7 ft in length apposed to my 9 ft graphite. Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is the perfect technical precision line for trout and is specifically designed for the Superfine Carbon and Superfine Glass fly rods. The Orvis is more expensive, but will offer a lower swing weight and more precision (in my experience).

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