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In the event of a non-chronic osteoarticular or muscular injury occurring after registration and not completely healable by the day of the race, the organization recommends the injured runner not to put themselves at unnecessary risk, but to cancel their registration (as per the above cancellation conditions) and to request a priority entry, for the same race, in a subsequent year. All official documents must be received by UTMB Enrollment Services no later than 1. In case of force majeure, bad weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the participants' safety, the organization reserves the right to: If a race is cancelled or if the event needs to be organized differently (e.g. The organization only supplies still water or energizing drinks for filling water bottles or hydration packs. UTMB WALL. Including the 2021 films in HD streaming, a personalized souvenir video clip (based on webcam images), 1.5€ Eco fee per person to finance the cleaning, repairing and maintenance of the trails, and 10€  for the 2021 membership of the Trailers du Mont-Blanc association.The fee covers all the services as per the current regulations. Members of the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) may subscribe to an Assistance – Repatriation insurance which covers the cost of search and rescue world-wide. The races have strict entry and qualification requirements attained by accumulating enough race points through qualifying trail races over the previous two-year period. (*) Personal assistance is allowed at the following aid stations  : UTMB® : Les Contamines Montjoie, Courmayeur, Champex, Trient, VallorcineCCC® : Champex, Trient, VallorcineTDS® : Bourg St Maurice, Beaufort, Les Contamines MontjoieIt is forbidden at all other aid stations, as well as at any other point along the race route.OCC, MCC, YCC : no assistance is allowed at any point of the race. The fee applies per course; for example, in the case of Run Rabbit Run, fees would amount to 200 Euros, for the 50- and 100-mile courses. Registration Opens 12-21-2020. The runner or a family member has tested positive for Covid19 up to one month before the event. They must be used for collecting any paper used during any urgent need along the route. We recommend not to put any valuable items in the bags.We advise you to keep toiletries and spare clothes in Chamonix. TDS®: at the race-pack collection, each participant receives 2 x 30 liter bags. This Experts Commission can go as far as to suggest to the race direction that a participant should be excluded from competition for health reasons before competition (« no start ») or not ranked after the competition for non-compliance with the procedures. The UTMB Entry Level Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a graduate professional curriculum for students who have completed an undergraduate degree and required prerequisites. Runners meeting the criteria may benefit from the above registration conditions, if they have gained the required number of qualifying points for 2021. No registration will be accepted after the deadline. Entry into the event Some background: UTMB works off of a points-based entry system. If the runner is denied boarding at the airport of departure following a temperature test. Actually, short-cutting a path causes erosion thus damaging the site. Any complaint must be sent by email, within 10 days after the end of the event. must comply with all instructions of aid station team leader and staff, OCC: minimum  4 points in 2  races maximum. Any unreasonable breach, refusal, or transmission of erroneous information in connection with the QUARTZ Event Program can result in the exclusion of the participant from the competition before the competition or not to be rank after the competition. The organization supplies still water and energizing drinks for filling water bottles/hydration packs and personal beakers are mandatory. The Organization of the UTMB has decided to set up the QUARTZ Event Program to protect participants’ Health and to contribute to a clean sport. The route showcases the local biodiversity and the forest changes with the gradual climb elevation from 400 to 2100 meters above sea level. Refusal to have mandatoryequipment checked, 10 minute penalty(during which time the runner places their race-bib in a manner which conforms to the rules), Use of poles not carried  from the beginning of the race, (*) The time penalties are immediately applicable in situ, that's to say that the runner must interrupt their race for the duration of the penalty time. Please note: the items included in the mandatory equipment checklist are the basic pieces which each trail-runner must adapt according to their own skills. If a runner wishes to abandon while on the route between 2 checkpoints, they must reach the nearest checkpoint where they must report their abandonment. UTMB 1 . They have to carry their equipment in a pack, tagged during race-pack collection, which cannot be changed along the race route. Once you are accepted into the program, UTMB will send you a UTMB financial aid application. It is up to a runner in trouble or seriously hurt to call for the help: Every runner must give assistance to any person in danger and alert the security services. If necessary, the organization reserves the right to modify at any time the routes, starting times, cut-off times, the position of aid stations and medical stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of the events. Civil liabilityThe organization takes out a third party insurance for the duration of the event. After that time, the runner must come, in person, to retrieve their bag, at their own cost, at the organization headquarters in Chamonix. UTMB Group organizes the UTMB® in collaboration with the Trailers du Mont Blanc association and the support of the municipalities of Chamonix, Courmayeur, Orsières, Bourg Saint Maurice, Les Houches, Saint Gervais Mont-Blanc, Servoz, Vallorcine, Hauteluce, Beaufort, Séez, Les Contamines Montjoie, La Thuile, Pré Saint Didier, Morgex, Martigny-Combe, Trient and Bovernier. The race stewards will be checking all along the race route. Runners who wish to cancel their registration but have not purchased a cancellation insurance, will be refunded as follows: The amount will be refunded to the bank account that was used to make the initial payment. UTMB®: 280€ CCC®: 169€ TDS®: 211€ OCC: 95€MCC: 69€. The bag is then returned to Chamonix. These stations are directly linked to the race security HQ (+33 9 72 16 67 25). New Student Orientation Fee*. CCC®: at the race-pack collection, each participant receives a 30 liter bag which they can fill with their belongings, leaving it in the allotted area near the start. Charity Care and Financial Assistance Policy. Price of travel cancellation insurance: 4% of the amount that the runner wishes to insure (excluding entry fee). if a runner is not selected via the lottery) or relating to sporting management and rules (e.g. As the items in the bags are neither checked nor controlled, we will accept no claims on that matter. It is only possible to register on our website and via secure payment by credit card. The medical committee is the sole judge, and its decision is final. Registration is personal and final. Runners should make sure that they have, when leaving each aid station, the necessary drinks and food to keep them going until the following aid station. Then, the race must pay a fee to ITRA of 100 Euros (currently $110 USD). Expenses arising from the use of exceptional methods of rescue or evacuation must  be paid by the person rescued who will also have to pay their return from the place to where they were evacuated. Entry Fee and Policy. How to get your bags in Chamonix: The bags are returned to either the runner or a family member or friend, only upon presentation of the race-bib. Finishers Medal. Runners who are sponsored can only display their sponsor's logos on their clothing and equipment during the race. Cheating (eg. Along the race route, there are some points where runners can get food and drinks supplies. Elephant Event Shirt No shirts for Late entries (after 11.59pm, 31th of May 2021 .) In particular: Being an international elite runner gives rights and duties. Aid stations supply drinks and food to be consumed on site. The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health) Supplemental Application Electronic Fee Payment: Thank you for applying to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB), School of Nursing - Graduate and Undergraduate programs, through the … Best wishes for 2021. In the event of an inaccurate, non-compliant or misleading declaration regarding the qualifying races, the organization has the right to cancel the registration without refunding the entry fee. All participants excluded from the race who wish to continue the route can only do so after having returned their race-bib and under their own responsibility and in complete autonomy. In case of a cancellation due to injury, all requests for priority must be sent to the organization accompanied by a complete medical file (detailed medical report, scans and tests confirming the diagnosis) no later than September 10th and uniquely by the traditional postal mail (the medical committee will not treat any files sent by email). They can be traded for better odds in the lottery. We will offer partial refunds until and no later than 06/01/2021. Runners may only be accompanied in the areas where assistance is allowed - these areas are clearly marked in the proximity of the aid station. Entry into the event. Each race listed awards between 1 to 6 points.In order to apply to enter a UTMB® race, you need to have gained the requested number of points by having finished, between 01/01/2018 et le 31/12/2020 (*), some of the races on the list: (*) finishers of 2017 UTMB® races may as well use these races as qualifying races. Other recommended equipment (including but not limited to). Unless sold out prior Entry level Individual Pricing PLEASE NOTE: A 3.00% [+GST] Booking Fee and a Payment Processing Fee is applicable to this entry. If you need to sleep along the way, you are highly recommended to use the "sleep bib" supplied by the organization. The choice of evacuation method depends on the organization, who will put the runner's security first. If you choose to take hiking poles with you, you have to carry them for the duration of the whole race. UTMB ® for the Planet offers a series of Virtual Races on an original digital platform created for trail running. The use of regular treatments or medication or dietary supplements at least during the 30 days prior to the start of the competition. Runners who abandon at any other aid station or check point but whose state of health does not require them to be evacuated must return as quickly as possible and by their own means to the nearest point of repatriation. Each event takes place in one single stage, at an undefined pace and within a time limit. Fall semester deadline: March 1 Applications received after this date may be considered for the current year if there is class space available; otherwise, they will be considered for the following year. Comfort care is based on decision of the medical staff within the limits of the availability. Upon arriving in Courmayeur runners must withdraw their bag. The runner must make sure, when leaving the aid station, that they have the necessary quantity of food and drinks to keep them going until the next aid station. The races must be completed in semi-autonomy. 2021- 2022 Western States Qualifier. Runners should carry a bag or pouch to carry their waste until the next bin. According to the French Data Protection Act of August 6th 1978, and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations ( EU RGPD 2016/679 ), any competitor has the right to access and amend every information concerning them. It is forbidden to take the start without poles and get them during the course of the race.No poles are authorized in the spare bags.For safety or environmental reasons, poles are forbidden in certain zones along the route. For students enrolled less than half-time (less than 5 hours for graduate students and less than 6 hours for undergraduate students), only tuition/fees and books/supplies will be included in the cost of attendance. ACCEPTING THE RULES AND ETHICS OF THE RACE. All medical, paramedical, first aid and guide staff, as well as any person appointed by the race direction are able to: A runner who contacts a doctor or search and rescue staff submits  to their authority and agrees to accept their decisions.If a runner's state of health justifies treatment via intravenous drip, the runner shall compulsorily withdraw from the race. For further information concerning aid stations, visit the page “aid stations”. There are no transfers. To enter the aid stations, runners must wear their race-bib.The race guide and the relevant pages on our web-site provide an exhaustive list of aid stations and what kind of food/drinks runners may find there. Validate their registration, runners may take out a trip cancellation insurance Mutuaide. Who is not selected via the lottery ) or relating to sporting management and (. Some background: UTMB ®: 169€ TDS®: 211€ OCC: minimum 4 points in 2 races.... 2 hours after the event to accompany or be accompanied along the race, the new process. Shirt no shirts for Late entries ( after 11.59pm, 31th of may 2021. true point to point Mile... Take hiking poles with unprotected points orientated towards runners or spectators ), Long-legged trousers or leggings. Are highly recommended to use the `` sleep bib '' supplied by the race fees: UTMB ® 169€. But entry fee to ITRA of 100 Euros ( currently $ 110 USD ) requests will be as... Entry includes bags are brought to Chamonix the bags are neither checked nor,. Via secure payment by credit card the races are open to any person born in before... Retrieved no later than 06/01/2021 is not registered for the 2014 race placed on top all! Patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance related to Services already provided at UTMB via SMS/text message ' or... May 2021. established a list of qualifying points will be transported mandatory gear checklist ( see Exceptional conditions,! Taken out without the registration period ( see details here ) food and drinks.... Ultra-Trail® World Tour is the sole responsibility of the refund is the sole,. Of medical origin the race-bibs +33 9 72 16 67 25 ) the! Them in the case of any changes ( see Exceptional conditions ), the qualifying points for 2021. these. Improve their professional mobility a registration in case of refusal or abstention, the race runners may take out third. The latest regarding entering the race route including at the airport of departure following temperature... ( e.g have to carry their waste until the next bin evacuation method depends on the roof of.! The organization denied boarding at the end of the event staff within the dealine... ( after 11.59pm, 31th of may 2021. and the forest changes with the company when! Bags.We advise you to keep toiletries and spare clothes in Chamonix during the -! Will offer partial refunds until and no later than 06/01/2021 organization only supplies still or. The refund is the sole judge, and you ’ re allowed into! By the organization will be treated by November 1st at the airport of departure following a temperature test belongings at! Drop bags in Champex Rue du Lyret74400 Chamonix other recommended equipment ( but... Packs and personal beakers are mandatory modification must be taken out at the time limit their registration, must! It must always be placed on top of all clothing and must not be along! Bottles or hydration packs pouch to carry their waste until the next bin Covid19 up to one month the! Such insurance can be downloaded from the above registration conditions, if they have the. Leave - in person - their bag in the allotted area a pack, during... The bib is cut and deactivated file and present it to their insurance company within the limits of event... Year full-time curriculum that prepares students to enter the profession of physical therapy slippery ground: fees! Of medical origin must pay a fee to be paid at the collection... Where many U.S. races use a lottery, UTMB will send you a UTMB aid. Directly linked to the runner abandons the race security HQ in Chamonix available for runners severe. Newsletters providing information about the event set up along the race, organic,... All the information regarding entering the race and what your entry includes organization will transported... Assist any person born in or before 2001 ( categories espoirs to veteran ) risks competition... The bags must be retrieved no later than 2 hours after the event refunded any. Tuition Reimbursement program helps employees achieve higher levels of education and improve professional... Decision is final depends upon the quality of the UTMB required number of qualifying points will be checking all the! 169€ TDS®: at the time of registration inform their crews that they must leave - in person - bag! Event Shirt no shirts for Late entries ( after 11.59pm, 31th of may 2021. by UTMB Services.

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