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Instagram: strength_in_arms, Check Prices on Surefire SOCOM556 RC2 Rifle Suppressors, Check Prices On Rugged Obsidian 45 Pistol Suppressors, Remaining Miscellaneous Voting Choices – 41.31%, Remaining Miscellaneous Voting Choices – 18.23%, Remaining Miscellaneous Voting Choices – 15.88%, Remaining Miscellaneous Voting Choices – 23.71%. The Nomad-L can be directly threaded onto the end of a rifle with a 5/8×24″ pitch (as I did in this review) or attached using Dead Air’s KeyMo attachment system. In Stock. Thanks guys! Got Dead Air end caps? The muzzle devices add a few ounces as well, so call the whole package ~20 oz. $975.00. It’s like having a “best machine gun” poll. . The race for BEST Suppressors in the pistol category was the closest one we saw for silencer voting and it provided us with our first tie ever in Reader’s Choice polling! The mounts, brakes and setup in and of itself are unbeatable. That is a truly impressive feat and speaks volumes as to what Silencerco accomplishes as a company. I have both cans - For me, from an SBR and Full-Auto standpoint, the Surefire 7.62RC wins the race 10/10. The Rugged Obsidian45 edged out all other competitors to take home 1st place with 24.23%, but then we have a tie technically for 2nd place. It’s loud even on 16-20” rifles. So let’s dive into some of the more cringe-worthy, feelings-triggering, and hilarious comments you all posted! Right now I'm going back and forth between the Dead Air Sandman-S and the Surefire Socom556-RC2. If we would have forced voters to only vote on one silencer per manufacturer Dead Air could have edged out Surefire by 0.04% in an incredibly tight race. Thanks to its ultra-light weight of just 9.6 oz it will feel as if it disappears on your rifle until you need it. This reader puts out a decent point that silencers are not legal in all 50 states, are not readily available everywhere, and there are still quite a few barriers to entry into the silencer market with the additional $200 tax stamp fee and the colossal amount of paperwork. Call for Price. The Nomad series bring plenty versatility. Writer | Another pound and then some on the muzzle end does change the balance and feel of a rifle. Dead Air Silencers. ... Dead Air Sandman K $ 725.00. Dead Air Nomad Ships Free! Thread starter DPReef; Start date Dec 14, 2020; Dec 14, 2020 #1 D. DPReef Junior Member. Your voting came in droves and provided us with over 4,000 responses! Its not gonna make much of difference from a dedicated 556 can. If you are already a fan of the Dead Air muzzle devices, you’ll be happy to know the Nomad-L is KeyMo compatible. Buy Now. I was in a similar dilemma for my 556 sbr. Let’s keep the conversation going in the Comments below! Pray you'll never need gear this good! Armageddon Gear is the one stop place for your firearm needs. Then, you have in 2nd and … Press J to jump to the feed. I posted a poll earlier today and got a lot of responses (thank you!) As someone else already mentioned, though, the Wolfman can do 5.56 and 9mm, as can the SilencerCo Omega 36m, Griffin Optimus, Griffin Bushwhacker and SilencerCo Hybrid. The SureFire SOCOM762-MINI2 Fast-Attach® suppressor is optimized for use with 7.62×39 and 7.62×35 caliber rifles and will also adequately suppress 7.62×51 NATO caliber rifles with a barrel length of 16 inches or longer. Buy Now. If you are already a fan of Dead Air muzzle devices, you’ll be happy to know the Nomad-30 is Key-Mo compatible. … That means your Nomad-30 can have the same robust and proven quick attachment method as our Sandman models, giving you the best of both worlds. Sadly, most who participate have no real world experience to base their opinion on. We seek to expand general understanding of the laws collectively referred to as the National Firearms Act and their implications for gun owners and citizens of today. Something else that is a trend on that list is modularity. Writer | so I’m between getting a Surefire SOCOM II or a Dead Air Nomad. You’ll be happy to know the Nomad-30 is Key-Mo compatible and mounts the same way as the Sandman line and the Nomad-30 is compatible with all Sandman front caps so you can squeeze every bit of reduction out of this can. Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in our August poll of Reader’s Choice for the BEST Suppressors on the market in Rifle, Rimfire, Pistol and Specialty categories. 810042342125. So the real poll is “Which suppressor do you wish you owned?” Or “Which suppressor looks cool?”. The wolfman would be what you’re after depending on your rate of fire with the 11.5” 556 if you’re wanting a twofer. This month was no exception because you bust our chops and you have some pretty good one-liners. If you're interested in Dead Air, with a barrel that short in 5.56, you should be looking at the Sandman line, as those are made for harder use. That, I am honestly not sure. Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, Destructive Devices, Any Other Weapons, and Machine Guns are all welcome here. Plus, the Nomad-30 is compatible with all Sandman front caps. I am unfamiliar with the intricacies and limits of 3D printing but can a printed polymer version of a .22 can very similar to the Erector Q be produced? All of them were too loud. Do you agree? In Stock. A couple interesting suggestions from some smaller-known manufacturers, but very good products nonetheless. This might be a great question for our resident expert in all things regarding silencers, Pete. The Dead Air Nomad is a perfect crossover suppressor for any 5.56mm, 300BLK and 7.62 platform, up to .300 Win Mag at 6.8 inches in length and only 18.5 ounces and is shipped with a 5/8×24 muzzle brake. Maybe it has been attempted (with no success), or maybe no prominent manufacturer has given it a go yet. 3801 N. Interstate 35, Suite 134 Denton, TX 76207; ... Dead Air Nomad-TI. If you are already a fan of Dead Air muzzle devices, you’ll be happy to know the Nomad-30 is Key-Mo compatible. Por que no los dos? – Dead Air Nomad – RMS2 Hopaii/Shadow – Any suppressor with 1-3/8 x 24 rear cap threads. This is one of the quietest 300BLK offerings on today’s market and even with the mounting system, it is pretty light. Dead Air Nomad-30 Suppressor, 7.62mm 5/8" x 24 Direct Thread, Black. Dead air is more solid in a couple different ways, I like the lower back pressure designs they have, and the mounts are hands down better. Hey guys. Plus, the Nomad-30 is compatible with all Sandman front caps. You’re solid. This rifle category for BEST Suppressors presents some interesting data. I’m in the process of piecing together an 11.5 SBR. Even the AAC Ti-RANT 9M was mere percentage points behind them as well. Soooo… we are going to take a guess that you are not a mechanic of quantum? That being said the sandman line is the bombproof DA suppressor line. Agree with this, the SOCOM wins for purely 5.56 purposes. The body is fully-welded Grade 5 Titanium. 9mm, NFA - Silencer, NFA *Available to Order*, SureFire SureFire: RYDER 9 Titanium. Dead Air Nomad-30 Lightweight. Dead Air claims the can alone is weighs 18.5 oz, but my scale pegged it at 18.6 oz. Surefire, which has a military contract, took home the Gold Medal of 1st Place with 20.56% of the voting making them a deserving winner. A community of hobbyists interested in NFA items, topics, history, and news. so I’m between getting a Surefire SOCOM II or a Dead Air Nomad. The only gun I’m looking to suppress besides my AR is a KP-9 9mm AK, but I’m sure the Nomad can’t suppress that. One hand removal in … All Dead Air Sandman end caps are compatible, so you can run the shipped 7.62, or throw on a 6.5 or a 5.56 to squeeze every drop of silence out of the Nomad-L. Due to its durability there are no barrel length restrictions so this would be a great addition to your customers pork swords or any bolt gun. Leviathan —-hehehe (They had potential…just went the way of Hudson) Modular. Dead Air Sandman-S 7.62mm QD Mount At 6.8 inches in length and a weight of 18.5 oz the Sandman-S™ is the perfect cross-over suppressor for your 5.56mm, … My primary concern is suppressing 5.56 I … These are the names of the game as Dead Air set out to further their legacy of Sandman series silencer with their newest offering: The Nomad-30. Deadair Sandman line is more of a direct competitor to the Socom cans. Smith & Wesson Certified Armorer The Nomad-L is constructed with top-of-the-line materials. You’re covered. Like, uncomfortable to shoot in a range with a roof over the firing position loud, even with plugs and … The best rifle suppressors from Dead Air, Q, SilencerCo, AAC, Surefire, Gemtech, Thunderbeast and Yankee Hill Machine Co. Toggle menu. Guest Writer | NRA “Shooting Sports USA” If you are already a fan of Dead Air muzzle devices, you’ll be happy to know the Nomad-30 is Key-Mo compatible. If your gonna be doing lots of rapid fire shooting, the sandman S is the can to go for, it is imo the best Sandman can. Dead Air vs. Surefire and why. With the way the voting panned out though, Dead Air’s good silencers might have cannibalized each other in the voting diminishing their chances of taking home 1st place. The Specialty category of BEST Suppressors shows something fairly unique in that one company dominated all of the voting. Here are your voted on Winners one last time in each of the categories: Be sure to be on the lookout for September’s Reader’s Choice poll as we enter a new month and start a new topic! Surefire is sure to have the correct Surefire Flash Hider that will fit your needs, from Sniper Platforms, Semi Automatic AR-15/AR-10 Rifles and Machineguns. We offer the best in rifle slings, suppressor covers, beer and booze bivys, MOLLE pouches, gun cases, field cases, rucks & sacks. Silencerco took 1st, 2nd, and 5th with three different silencers and owned over 57% of the voting in this category! For most of their cans, SureFire has really leaned toward ultra-low backpressure and flash suppression. That is awesome so THANK YOU to all of our readers for participating. We always appreciate your feedback. I posted a poll earlier today and got a lot of responses (thank you!) The Sandman? But there are positives and negatives to both manufacturers from a suppressor perspective. Threaded segments that can just be screwed on to one another to make it as long or short as you want? Congratulations to all of the products and manufacturers that made it into the Top 5 though! From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. The wait is on! (MPN: NOMADTI). Good to know! Dead Air if only because Surefire mounts can get carbon locked and the official surefire approved procedure is to unlock the can and fire the gun to blast the can off downrange like a rifle grenade. If you have a 9mm handgun, you might consider getting the RC2 or Sandman for 5.56/7.62 and a separate 9mm can for the 9mm carbine/subgun and handgun. I would go with a .30 cal can for versatility. Editor | I just bought my first one today! For the month of August, we asked our readers the colossal question of what are some of the BEST Suppressors on the market today! Dead Air Nomad Ti 30 Cal Suppressor 5/8×24 Direct Thread. With your voting on the BEST Suppressors in the Rimfire category, we witnessed a pretty strong victory for the Dead Air Mask! My primary concern is suppressing 5.56 I don’t plan on getting anything 30 cal for a while. Nomad is more similar to silencerco stuff. I have an Ultra 7 now and looking for a second suppressor that is not an ultra. The Nomad is probably fine for most shooters who are not going mental at the range, it’s quieter than the sandman S, and has a nicer deeper tone. Dead Air Nomad. The Sandman K is cute/cool, but is basically just knocking concussion, and instant deafness off you rifle, and is only a 1.5” shorter than the S and it is much louder. Plus, the Nomad-30 is compatible with all Sandman front caps. The SureFire SOCOM300-SPS is a bit of a deviation to SureFire's normal rifle-suppressor lineup. We appreciate you engaging in our monthly Reader’s Choice polls and growing along with us as we learn and expand this all out. Welcome to Bauer Precision! HEY! We always appreciate your feedback. The Nomad-L can be used with E … SiCo Charlie Mount fits – SilencerCo Saker – SilencerCo Chimera – SilencerCo Omega 36M Note: When installing this mount, the small silver/gold insert that’s inside your can from the factory must be removed. A couple of weeks ago I found myself in Salt Lake City which of course meant I just had to make the trek out to visit Mike Pappas and Todd Magee of Dead Air Silencers.As luck would have it, at the time they were mere days away from announcing the newest suppressor in the Dead Air line, the Nomad-30.. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Version 1.52 Silencer Shop – Gemtech Aurora Silencer Shop – Tactical Solutions Ascent. Fixed – At ear values for the Dead Air Sandman S Added – Shots fired column on “Full” worksheet Added – iFrame embedded view. In Stock. Add to Cart. While we didn’t think it could get any better than a Sand Glock Certified Armorer While it's not as tough as the bomb-proof Sandman series, it's more than durable enough for aggressive schedules of fire and training classes. Disagree? They are putting out lots of “specialty” silencers to fill the unique needs of suppressor shooters. Dead Air NOMAD-30 $ 819.00. SILENCER SATURDAY: 300BLK Vs. 7.62x39 - The Dead Air Nomad LT - This week we shift gears back into a review - the Dead Air Nomad LT combines the weight savings of the Nomad T with the added length of the Nomad L - both of which are fantastic suppressors. Since that is such a blanket question when there are so many niche silencers out there, we divided the voting into 4 unique categories: rifle, rimfire, pistol and specialty. That means your Nomad-30 can have the same robust and proven quick attachment method as our Sandman models, giving you the best of both worlds. I’m in the process of piecing together an 11.5 SBR. Both the Dead Air Odessa-9 and Silencerco Osprey 45 pulled in 19.28% of your votes. With voting this close it is a strong tip of the hat to all manufacturers producing pistol silencers because there is a lot of quality to go around at the top. For the results since we are going to be covering a lot, we will provide you with the Top 5 in each category. Posted September 3, 2019 in Editorial, NFA / Suppressors / Class III by Adam Scepaniak with No CommentsTags: AAC, Allen Engineering, Best Suppressors, Bowers, Dead Air, q, Rugged, Silencerco, surefire, Thompson Machine, Thunderbeast. Writer | Tyrant Designs CNC Blog I plan on running suppressed basically 99% of the time. Also, let us know what you think of the results we posted. It looks like the lightweight SureFire can went through a name change. Right now I only have 5.56 rifles and don't have any immediate plans to change that, but it is likely in the distant future. Its wider diameter allows for a shorter length without compromising sound reduction. I've been using Surefire, actively for over a decade. There were tons of suggestions from our staff, and you provided ample suggestions of your own as well. Having heard several DA products on short 556, I would go sandman S or nomad because they sound good to my ear and comfortable to shoot, don’t have any experience with SF stuff. Flexible, lightweight, short. If you are in the game of rimfire silencers as a manufacturer, more and more shooters want modularity in their suppressors. That means your Nomad-L can have the same robust and proven attachment method as our Sandman models, giving you the best of both worlds. (MSRP: $1,099.00). Developed from a strong blend of black Cerakoted titanium and stainless steel, the Nomad-30 series of suppressors from Dead Air Silencers is the ideal sound mitigation device for your rifle or pistol chambered in 7.62mm, 5.56mm or other like calibers. That means your Nomad-30 can have the same robust and proven quick attachment method as our Sandman models, giving you the best of both worlds. Don’t discount the Emergetic Vox-S or Rugged products either, they are usually spoken highly of as well. If it’s going to live on a short barrel 556 then get the socom, if there’s just the smallest possibility of you wanting to suppress anything bigger then go for dead air. Then, you have in 2nd and 3rd place the same company of Dead Air. The Nomad-Ti ships in direct-thread configuration common with 7.62mm and .30 caliber rifles with 5/8×24 threads, with the ability to swap direct threaded adapters for other muzzle configurations, or to add the KeyMo adapter for quick-attach to Dead Air Keymount brake or flash hider, regardless of muzzle thread or barrel caliber. The dead air mount is far superior to the surefire. The Surefire Socom Flash Hider is available for calibers 2.23, 5.56, 7.62, 50 BMG. They build suppressors towards the needs of the military, not necessarily the desires of civilians. With a Key-Mo attachment (sold separately), the Nomad is full-auto rated up to 300 WinMag, allowing for a fast firing schedule on various firearm host platforms. The problem with this poll is that most readers don’t actually own a suppressor. Surefire, which has a military contract, took home the Gold Medal of 1st Place with 20.56% of the voting making them a deserving winner. Arcadia Pantera is a beast for any PRS shooters out there…. I got to try several 556 cans in a recent meet, including the rc2 and I was not impressed with any of them. Versitile. Guest Writer | Sierra Bullets Blog Description MSRP: 1099. Dead Air Nomad-TI vs. TBAC Dominus. Caliber: 9mm, Type: NFA – … Personally, the Sandman L is too long/extra weight for the extra suppression, plus it ends up higher back pressure. The Dead Air Nomad-L is a longer and quieter version of their Nomad-30. Surefire mounts are expensive, complex and I find their performance to be not equal to the cost of the product. If you could have one rifle suppressor what would it be?Hear Mike Pappas, from Dead Air Silencers, talk about what he would take. Home NFA *Available to Order* SureFire 9mm NFA - Silencer SureFire: RYDER 9 Titanium. Thanks for commenting on our article and participating in the discussion . I have a sandman S and it’s awesome but I’m also pending an RC2 for my MK18. RYDER 9-TI MOD 9MM 1/2X28 DE, SF RYDER 9M-TI-1/2-28-DE. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Well, between those two, I would recommend the RC2. Ships Within 2 Business Days. With all of the being said, it is all the more reason to go out and buy one to defy the NFA and support strong associations like the American Suppressor Association (ASA) who are fighting for our NFA rights.

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