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Kiwi Heat Pumps NZ : All Products - Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning And HVAC ... HEAT LOAD CALCULATOR Enter your room dimensions in metres. 2/146 Central Park Drive, Henderson If choosing a heat pump is proving to be a challenge, try our heat pump calculator. You see, a professional load calculation takes into account more than 10 different factors (instead of only looking at square footage) to determine the BTU (British Thermal Unit) output you’d need from your ductless heat pump. The heat pump calculator will then give you the recommended kW capacity for your new heat pump. We look at insulation and building orientation that can affect the degree of heat loss in the space you are considering and of course, older buildings lose indoor heat much quicker due to the lack of insulation, or a modern insulated building that faces North and gets sun all day. The heat pump calculator gathers the information it needs based on the size and insulation type of the space you’re looking to heat. Factors to Consider When Sizing a Heat Pump. Cambridge Road, Tauriko Tauranga 3110. Heat pumps are the most energy efficient way to heat your home. There are many things to consider when you have a heat pump installed and we have the knowledge to advise you on this. While we can assist you with this, we are not an engineering firm in the business of providing heat load calculations that will assist you with sizing. When purchasing a heat pump, many customers become overwhelmed with the array of choices and simply don’t know where to begin. Find the perfect heat pump with our independent buying advice, product database and heat pump size calculator. All these factors matter and can mean you may need a bigger heat pump system which is geared to overcome heat loss. All results from the heat pump calculator will be forwarded to us at the same time so we have plenty of information when going into a consultation with you. The results from the heat pump calculator ensure you’re better equipped to choose from the range of high wall heat pumps, floor consoles, ceiling mounted heat pumps and ducted central heating. Discussion about Ducted heat pump size calculation. You do this by calculating in cubic meters the total volume of spaces being heated. Pool & Spa Controllers. If you’re not quite ready to shop for a heat pump just yet, simply select Email this Selection and have the information sent to your email for future use. Cleaning or Repair Enquiry. We provide installation and maintenance services for a wide range of Mitsubishi heat pumps in Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Maunganui and Bay of Plenty-wide. Open. Room length. Sizing a heat pump can be tricky and not as simple as we homeowners think. The 6 top tips to keep your Heat Pump performing at peak efficiency for many years. But know this: Using rule-of-thumbs to size your ductless heat pump is NO replacement for a professional load calculation. The Consumer NZ guide to heat pump size. providing NZ’s architects, homeowners & installers with … It takes all the guess work out of choosing a heat pump and significantly narrows down the choices for our customers. Based on space, size, insulation, and many other variables of the home, you … Purex Chemicals. Use our handy heat pump size calculator for heat pump comparison. Once you have filled these fields, select the Get Recommendations button. Pool Heat Pump Calculator. As leading providers of quality heat pumps and air conditioners, Mitsubishi-Electric recommends a free in-home consultation and quote are always completed by an approved Mitsubishi-Electric dealer like Flocon before you purchase your new system. Call: (03) 377 7393: General Enquiry. Heat pumps come in a variety of styles and capacities making it difficult to choose the right heat pump for your home. Naturally, there is huge range from which to choose, with many manufacturers offering a number of different configurations, including wall, ceiling and floor mounted, and ducted systems. Location, Room Size & Insulation Levels In A Room Are All Factors That Determine Which Heat Pump Size Should Be Installed. Heat Pump air conditioning is perfect for winter warmth & summer cooling - all at the touch of a button. Age of Building: The age of a building affects the amount of heating or cooling required because the progressive introduction of newer materials and building practices have lead to a better insulated and more airtight home.  ‍Take the guess work out - use our heat pump sizing tool to select the best sized heat pump for you or simply go to the contact page and let us do the work for you. Location, room size, and insulation levels in a room are all factors that determine which heat pump size should be installed. Irrespective of the age of your building, if it has been insulated to meet modern standards, please select the option: Post 2000 Units should not be purchased without an in-home quote being completed by a qualified Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Agent. Combining these two factors, the heat pump calculator will produce the capacity needed to successfully heat your space. Sizing your heat pump properly is crucial to the comfort and efficiency of your home. Gas Heater Sizing Calculator. FIND. Enquiry. Room width. Viron Gas Heater Sizing Calculator. How do I size a geothermal heat pump? Still not sure what to choose? This tool is referenced in clause 10 of the Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Regulations 2019 (external link) as the ‘heating capacity calculator’. Find out more here. Browse our range of heat pumps by room size to find the heat pump you need. Email: sales@flocon.co.nz Unlike regular electric heaters that give you 1kW of heat energy out for every 1kW in, heat pumps provide 2-4kW of energy out for every 1 kW in. Heating Sizing Chart Guide Use this guide to give you an approximate unit size. For recommendations on which heat pump you need for an individual room, check out our Heat Pump Selector for Single Rooms. Bigger is not always better. Once you have completed our In Home Consultation Form a local Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump expert will contact you within 2 business days to arrange a consultation time that suits you. However, we can give you lots of advice when it comes to sizing. Our range is sorted by size of pump for specified room size so you can easily find. Smart Pool Analysers. It’s simple to use. One of our qualified installers will carry out accurate sizing calculations and expertly assess other factors involved in heat loss and gain. Not only are larger units more expensive to install and operate, they can also cause many comfort problems.Short cycling (when unit turns on and off frequently) normally occurs when an HVAC system has been oversized for your home. Choosing The Right Sized Heat Pump Is Important To Ensure Optimum Comfort Levels; Particularly When Outdoor Temperatures Drop. Getting your heat pump installed, how does the process work? To make sure you get the best heat pump for your family’s home and avoid extra costs and hassle a poorly sized unit can cause, contact our team of experts to do the calculating for you. Heat pumps do not create heat, they simply move available heat from one place to another. As per the advice of professionals the system should not be sized to provide all the heat required by a house, it is better to meet the heating loads between 80 % and 90% and provide not more than 125% of the cooling load – as suggested by Manual S. It will also calculate the likely payments the customer could receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive AND it will show you and them the likely running costs (and savings) against gas, oil, LPG and direct electric, as well as the savings in carbon emissions for those … These calculators offer various variables and it is a good idea to try them all to get a good idea of what is involved in calculating heat pump requirements. Download. Heat pumps are one of the most popular means of heating homes in New Zealand. Ceiling height. Heat pumps are offered in the same tonnage increments as you expect from standard air conditioning so pick the proper … Cooling Load Check Figures (watts/m2 floor area) Disclaimer The above calculator is to be used as a guide only. Our heat pump calculator has been created for this very purpose. Consider the costs of an oversized heat pump. If you’re unsure of this, we have created a custom tab where you can add specific measurements. Each option comes with a short description to guide you through this step. Every single project enjoys the benefit of sophisticated 3D thermal simulation modelling and design software, heat loss calculation, thermal analysis, heat output calculations and thorough design documentation. BOP HEAT PUMPS LTD - 2019. However, just to get you started, a very general rule of thumb (indicative only) is 0.12kW/ square meter of room and so for eg a 50m2 lounge might require a 6kW heat pump. A heat pump typically uses 1kW to create 4kW of heat. Download. As part of these standards, landlords must provide a fixed heater (or heaters) that can heat the main living room. The heat pump calculator gathers the information it needs based on the size and insulation type of the space you’re looking to heat.

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