understanding introverted teenage daughter

For example, she should only work in jobs that that she is passionate about, even if it mean volunteering. If she tryed harder she would ALWAYS have straight As. Please understand how stressful a high school day can be for your introverted teen. Upon meeting with her for the first time, people think she’s spacey and checked-out, but she is whip-smart and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from a top U.S. university. Make suggestions only once and don’t use money to buy goodwill. She can’t function when she is on overload. I feel I have to make the effort, and it mostly works. Her and another girl remained friends but she has left state to attend school. School guidance counselor? But when I get to college it will be my problem too because I won’t have any friends. I feel so bad about it because all I wanted to do was help him. But a silent hug, where I murmur “I love you.” Helps her. He has expressed lately that he is lonely. But for a person (whom after much research) that i discovered is a introvert, those are paralyzing statements. Your teen may have a few good friends and it may take them awhile to open up to people. Be loud and draw attention to yourself when you are around their peers. HSPs could easily label themselves as shy, too sensitive, a “cry baby,” or anxious. Hardest thing I do as a parent. I will ask about what they learned what to do in a specific situation etc. Another thing to take into consideration when helping your son or daughter find their passions and interests is whether or not they are more naturally introverted or extroverted. Most introverts hate conflict and will do almost anything to avoid it. I don’t know what to do to help her make friends, please advice. They are the ones that get him. I have 10 + years old son. Eventually we start talking. I eventually decided to leave them but since they were the “populars” that meant I had to spend some time alone. Here's how to gain control of your, Introverts crave meaningful connections, but that's not always easy over Zoom. I think she could benefit from meeting with a specialist to counsel her on social anxiety, although she hasn’t admitted outright that she has phobias.. Would appreciate your advice. They’ll come up with a plan, but she wouldn’t consistently follow thru on it. You can also add that you’ll check in at a certain time the next day, so they can anticipate the upcoming discussion. TWEET. I accept me and all my Introverted ways and hope they will too one day. He is very athletically talented in every sport but his personality gets in the way of his performance and it is easy to get into his head and then he just shuts down. (28 Posts) Add message | Report. Is this normal?” I am frequently asked questions like these by parents of children who have just entered their teens. She only has a few friends, and they’re online. That is the secret to getting an introverted teen to open up. I am somewhat of an introvert as well. Hearing things like this puts me on edge and I start to wonder if I have made a mistake by signing him up for this program. Her coaches have been great and kind of handle her with kids glove. Of course I tell my mom and sister and they just keep asking about it and being like “ooo you are going out with ‘his name. 5. My parents don’t understand my wanting to be alone and read all the time and my older brother (21) makes fun of me. I can’t get her to church or clubs so finding similar personalities is difficult. How to help your kids thrive in an extroverted world Positive reinforcement – You cannot change your children into extroverts, but you can help them cope There are plenty of teens who feel like they don’t fit in, so if she can reach out to some other outsiders she might have an easier time. Understand introversion. I do feel bad that maybe he is lonely but he’s a lovely young man and goes to college and works at weekends. I’ve wanted to take the video games for years and burn them but they are for sure his escape. When you understand your child's introverted nature, you may notice that others may not be doing what is best for your child. Excellent! I also have to say this child has a different father than my first two daughters, and my youngest daughter is just like her father. While he DOSN’T see see talking to my two good friends at lunch, and the girl next to me at art (I like to draw). I would listen, but sometimes there is only one word answers or a nod of the head. Don’t give up. But today i have had a complete break down. That means that she’ll really cherish the time you spend with her and no one else. Which I might be, but I don’t think so. Even though I empathize with his introversion, it pains me to see him unhappy. It’s a world applauding the gregarious people, promoting and giving opportunities to the extrovert’s. It might appear that she is stubborn or uninterested but I feel like there is a level of fear and anxiety about being a leader even though she’s been with the same group of girls for a few years. I told the guy and he even understands me (even though I still feel so guilty). Listen and empathize keep advice to a minimum. I am so worried abput her cause she has no friends. Hopefully this article will help. Also, if your introverted teenager … Yeah I have the same thing, I do enjoy going out with them. Making new friends can be daunting, even online. I mean being with an old lady cant be good for her all the time?! I usually get my social interaction with my family and at work (which drains me). I’m an extrovert mom with an introvert 14 year old daughter.

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